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Every woodworking project has the perfect tool. If you’re here, that means that you need the best router table you can get your hands on. As with many power tools, a router table is very beneficial, it will save you time, money, wood, and energy. Using a router table also means you want accuracy. Your cuts must be precise, or the project might be ruined. For now, know that choosing the best rated router table is simple – as we’ve already done the research part for you. Read our router table reviews, and learn about the modules we think perform well in various tasks.

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Best Router Table Reviews

1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Bosch RA1181 best benchtop router table

The Bosch RA1181 is the first table we will look at. Bosch is a household name when it comes to power and woodworking tools. That can mean high expectations.

The RA1181 is a popular choice for craftsmen of all types. This includes hobbyists, carpenters, construction professionals, and more. No matter your woodworking path, you can find a use for this router table. It is easy to use and can be attached to any workbench.

The dimensions of this benchtop router table are 27 x 18 inches. That’s a standard size and is not too big to fit in a garage workspace. Giving you a 6 feet long of working surface.

The RA1181 has an aluminum fence with MDF face plates, aluminum mounting plate, and two featherboards. MDF, for those who are unfamiliar, is medium-density fibreboard. A good choice for light to medium duty use.


  • Weighs only 30 pounds, this light weight router table provides a large workspace. This grants you freedom of movement and control over your cuts, shavings, and designs.
  • Build-wise, this router table is high quality. The aluminum and MDF will hand most of what you throw at it.
  • Two adjustable featherboards are another key pro to consider. They open up support possibilities for a wide variety of work.
  • The Bosch RA1181 also comes with accessories, including a starter pin, a guard, and three mounting insert rings.


  • The surface is not the smoothest and having plastic base, doesn’t help in leveling it.
  • Does not fit all routers and you may have to drill holes in the mounting plat in order to fit, however, this is not easily done.

2. Kreg Router Table PRS1045

Kreg PRS1045 best floor standing router table combo

When it comes to power tools and power tool accessories, Kreg is a brand name that inspires confidence, strength, and passion. Their attention to detail shows a true mastery of the craft, and the PRS1045 is no exception.

This 85-pound router table has a surface area of 24 x 32 inches. This size is ideal for a plethora of projects and locations. It is made of steel and will serve you for a long time. Durability is key for good router tables. The PRS1045 exceeds the expectation.

Has a smooth laminate MDF surface. Expect your cuts to glide over it. We enjoyed our time with the PRS1045 because wood moved like butter over glass. There was minimal (if any) friction, and cutting wood – hardwoods and softwoods – was a joy.

Having a self-squaring fence is a nice addition that keeps the cuts square in relation to the bit. In other words, that means straight cuts that don’t get rocked or move while being worked on.


  • An adjustable height steel stand that can be adjusted between 31 to 39 inches. The steel lends to the durability with its 12 and 16-gauge steel build.
  • The one inch thick MDF surface facilitates using it with large routers and lifts. Not to mention, dampening the vibrations.
  • The aluminum self-squaring fence is paramount to this heavy-duty router table’s usability.
  • Capable of functioning as a portable router table. The table pegs can be swapped with rolling wheels. This grants mobility while working.


  • Installation is long and time consuming.
  • Making fine adjustments with the fence is almost impossible.

3. Bench Dog Router Table Extension 40-102 ProMax

Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax best router table extension

Weighing in at 62 pounds, this router table extension is perfect for small workshops while providing plenty of stability. Fits onto a variety of table saws and cabinet saws as an extension wing. Providing a durable cast iron surface top suitable for all woodworkers.

Features a miter gauge that can be easily adjusted. Giving it flexibility which is a key component to a great cut. A 28 inch aluminum fence with MDF face plates. A dual fence slot adjustment that allows you to flip the fence and work from both sides of the table.

Just as a reminder, it does not come with a mounting plate, however, you can purchase it separately. Compatibility is the name of the game here. While giving you plenty of support in workshops with limited spaces. There is no reason that this tool won’t serve you for a long time.


  • The fact that it’s an table extension adds versatility to your table saw setup while occupying minimal space. It can fit in a garage, basement, or small shop with no issues.
  • A cast iron top, it seems to be built to last many years of use.
  • Adjustability is a clear trait here. There are many options for miter gauge adjustments and fence flexibility.
  • An additional miter slot for mastering crosscut sleds.


  • Setting it all up is a hassle.
  • Weak quality control during manufacture.

4. Bosch Cabinet Router Table RA1171

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171

The Bosch cabinet style router table is top quality. This is no shock. Bosch has been doing their thing for years now – since 1886 – and it shows in their craftsmanship, quality, and performance.

An aluminum mounting fence and MDF face plates, meaning accurate work. It also comes with two adjustable featherboards, miter gauge, three mounting insert rings, three outfeed fence shims, dual outlet power switch, starter pin, and clear adjustable guard.

The dimensions of this particular table are 25-1/2 x 14-1/2 x 15-7/8 inches giving you plenty of space to cut, sand, scrape, and shape. It weighs about 35 pounds. A sturdy and compact router table. The enclosed design and the MDF surface absorbs the vibrations and minimizes the noise output, marking the RA1171 as quality yet affordable option. Overall, this a fine table router.


  • The RA1171 is easy to setup and start using. This enclosed router table style is designed for ease-of-use with the user demands in mind.
  • Accuracy is also a focus here due to the flat aluminum mounting plate. We never saw any issues with getting clean, accurate cuts.
  • Can work to fit many sizes. The fence measures 4-7/8 x 25-1/8 inches. It can take tall woods like it’s nothing.
  • Dust collection is a no-brainer, and the 2.5 inch dust outlets connect to vacuums with no hiccups.


  • Fence adjustment is not smooth, it tends to get stuck.
  • Not all routers fit. If your router doesn’t fit then drilling holes to make it fit will be a challenge.

5. Kreg Bench Top Router Table PRS2100

Kreg PRS2100 best router table kit

Another offering from Kreg, the PRS2100 router table, it’s a prime example of a good, no-frills benchtop router table. Like the larger, heavier-duty PRS1045, the PRS2100 is a welcome addition to any home workshop.

The PRS2100 has an aluminum fence and steel stand. Strong materials like these offer stability. If your table is stable, your cuts will be straight and true. The top is made of industry standard MDF. It has a surface of 16 x 24 inches. While smaller than the PRS1045, the PRS2100 is a fine size for almost all woodworkers.

The insert plate is full-size – meaning no cuts to usability have been made. Another addition is the inclusion of a vacuum shroud. Having a vacuum shroud means your area will be much cleaner – and a clean shop is a clean mind, keeping your air of high quality.


  • The MDF top is noise-absorbing, meaning your cuts with be quieter. This is a huge bonus for working around the garage or at home.
  • The fence has included locking levers to secure itself for maximum stability and total precision.
  • The strong table surface can be used without fear of damage. Hardwoods and softwoods do just fine here.
  • Is lightweight, just 26 pounds, the PRS2100 is lighter than most woodworking router tables.


  • Tedious to put together, every little piece requires assembly.
  • Poor fence system and miter gauge channel.

6. Skil Router Table RAS900

Skil RAS900 router table reviews

Skil makes great products. Of all of the Skil products available, though, the RAS900 router table is one of the more fun to operate. Easy to recommend as the best router table for the money. At a great value, the RAS900 offers some much-needed features that are often overlooked in similar models of wood router tables.

This table top measures in at about 16-1/2 x 26 inches. The size is about the norm for a bench top table router. Much like other tables, it has a solid MDF and aluminum surface for sleek glides. The bit height gauge made setting up quick and easy, and we enjoyed giving it a spin because of this.

Two featherboards are in place to bring accuracy to your work. The router mount can be detached quickly, saving time and energy. This puts the RAS900 at an advantage over many similar models.


  • One of the best portable router tables, the folding design of the RAS900 is its biggest selling point. Having this capability is huge. If you work around home or on a site, being able to fold your table is great.
  • Very useful two built-in storage containers. Having these containers on hand saves space and keeps parts from being lost while working.
  • Requires minimal assembly. Compact yet full-sized, weighing only 32 pounds. You will not be restricted to your location.
  • Includes some great features and accessories including guard, miter gauge, feather boards, and quick clamp system.


  • Manufactured with some weak plastic materials that are not durable.
  • Difficult positioning, rings near bit do not flush.

Best Router Table Comparison Chart

Product/FeatureMounting PlateInsert RingsThroat OpeningFeather BoardsDust Port
Bosch RA118111¾ x 9¼ In.33⅝ In.22.5 In.
Kreg PRS104511¾ x 9¼ In.53⅝ In.22.5 In.
Bench Dog ProMax11¾ x 8¼ In.N/AN/AN/A2.5 In.
Bosch RA117111¾ x 9¼ In.33⅝ In.22.5 In.
Kreg PRS210011¾ x 9¼ In.33⅝ In.22.5 In.
Skil RAS90011¾ x 9¼ In.33⅝ In.22.5 In.
type of router tables to choose from

Types of Router Tables

Accuracy and precision are highly important in getting the best professional router table even for a hobbyist on a tight budget. Poor cuts equal wasted project. Level surfaces lead to more precise cuts. A slanted table – even slightly so – can cause your cut to be bad. There are a few main types of woodworking router tables: floor standing, bench-top, and extension router tables. To start, let’s look at the standard bench-top router tables.

Bench-Top Router Tables

The standard type of table is the bench mounted router table. These are a comfortable size. While on the smaller side, a bench-top router table is not too small for most applications. We love this particular type because it is the most universal. Talk to three carpenters, however, and you will get three different answers.

For most woodwork a bench-top will do just fine. If you need more, check out floor standing router tables.

Floor Standing Router Table

A floor standing router table is the largest of the three. It is made for remaining in a dedicated workspace. If you like to work out of a single shop, this is the type to grab.

Unlike the bench-top, a floor standing router table has more table space. This is important if you work with larger pieces of wood. If your job or hobby demands more, we recommend a floor standing router table. If space is of the essence, a router extension table will do.

Extension Router Table

An extension style router table is the most versatile. These work by attaching to a table saw or a cabinet saw. You can do your work, clean up, and remove the extension. It is economical, practical, simple, and effective. Your home workshop may have limited space, and that’s okay because extension tables give you the freedom to work in a limited space.

Additionally, some router tables are oriented horizontally instead of vertically. The conventional router tables have the router placed vertically, allowing the bit to cut perpendicularly through the materials placed on table top. However, horizontal router tables are configured differently. The router and bit are parallel to the table top, allowing the bit to cut horizontally. The positioning of the bit in horizontal router tables is useful for cutting tenons and mortise joints on large pieces. On the other hand, the more common and popular choice is the vertical ones. Vertical router tables are more versatile and more easy to use allowing the gravity to play its role in a more efficient way. They are great for decorative shaping, edge forming, mortising, to name a few. Know your choices. After all, it all depends on the projects that you will be mostly working on.

detailed buyers guide

Features of the Best Router Tables: A Complete Guide

Finding a new router table sounds like a headache, but fear not. We have done the research. Hopefully, you’ve already read our router table reviews. That’s great if you have. If not, don’t worry. We will help you find the best routing table for your needs. For starters, we discussed types of router tables. Now, we will discuss notable features common among great tables, and much more. If you aren’t sure what a router table is, that’s fine. We will cover that in another section. Let’s dig in!

  • More Sizes to Router them All

Size matters when it comes to router tables. That includes overall size and tabletop space. When it comes to general sizing, it is hard to pinpoint a standard. All three types of router tables typically have the same general dimensions. The difference between bench-tops, extensions, and floor standing router tables are usually all about two-to-three inches. Variations exist to fit most size needs.

Our reviews mention a few notable examples, so be sure to check that out. Note that floor standing tables are the biggest of the bunch. If you have more room, we do find these to be a great tool. But they do take up space!

  • Table Top Material

Quality materials are another important factor when choosing the best table for a router tool. After all, you want your router table top to be smooth and as perfectly flat as possible.

Good router tables have face plates made of medium-density fiberboard, or MDF. MDF is great because it is cheap and reliable. A good MDF router table top will have at least one inch of thickness. It is a popular option for commercial and medium use. As an external layer, melamine is typically added to the MDF surface, giving it more protection. This also smooths the surface for resistance-free sliding. Others have high-pressure laminate (HPL), which is much thicker, stronger, and more likely to stay flat.

Other than MDF, solid phenolic resin tops is a great option. Even with heavy duty use, they offer impressive high impact resistance, moisture resistance, and guarantee to stay flat.

Not to mention, cast iron surface tops. They offer great durability, accuracy, flatness, and stability from the powerful vibrations from router motor. Cast iron router table tops are a perfect choice for serious woodworkers.

  • Mounting Plate

The mounting plate is a flat base that fits into a rabbeted opening in the table top. The setup of mounting the router on the table starts by attaching the router to the mounting plate. As a result, the quality of the plate is very important. We want it to be able to support the weight of the router and remain flat.

Usually, aluminum and solid phenolic are great choices. However, note that the surface and the mounting plate should parallel and level together. You should also fit your router to the mounting plate, which can be tricky.

  • Sturdy Base

router table features

The base of your table will guide your results. A poor base leads to bad cuts, rockiness, and safety issues. In most cases, the heavier the better. If the base is just a set of legs then be sure that they have a locking mechanism. This keeps the legs from wobbling under pressure. If not, leveling pads exist to prevent this problem. A leveling pad makes sure that your table is level. Simple. Always have spares in case your’s bust.

Good bases can be the high-quality steel legs of a floor standing or bench top router tables. The base can also be whatever the extension is attached to. Whatever it is, be sure it is of high quality and is stable. Don’t risk wasted wood or a trip to the hospital due to a wonky base. Be sure to put your table down on a flat surface. This helps prevent more bad cuts – to you and to your wood.

  • Dust Collection Port

Any time you cut, shave, or sand, dust is made. Dust collection can be a pain. This is especially true working in tight spaces. A good router table will give you dust collection options.

Bench-top and floor standing router tables usually include a dust collection outlet. Almost all extension router tables do not. This is due to their mobile, removable nature. However, sometimes the outlet is included in the fence.

  • Extra Useful Accessories

Most tables come with at least some accessories. If not, don’t worry. The table is most important, though some items make the job easier. Common accessories include:

  • Bit guard
  • Plate leveler
  • Feather boards
  • Insert rings
  • Aluminum fence
  • Miter gauge
  • Router lift
  • Power cable

If you need more accessories, they are easy to find. Stock guides, miter slides, fence stops, leveling pads, and more are made for router tables and can be purchased separately.

As mentioned in our router table reviews, there are tons of options for that perfect new tool. Looking for the best benchtop router table might not be easy, but it can be fun. Consider it the start of an adventure. Your home improvement productivity will increase exponentially with the right tools. We believe that a router table is often the right tool. Besides, they are exciting to use. The possibilities are endless whether you are a woodworking pro or a hobbyist.

benefits and advantages

8 Uses & Benefits of Router Tables

If you are like us, you often ask yourself: do I really need this new tool? That’s a fair question. In most cases, the answer is probably – no. Oftentimes we can make do with what we have on hand. However, in some cases that’s simply not true.

Let’s say that you need to remove some sort of material from a piece of wood. You could sand it or use a hand planer. But that takes time. We don’t always have time – especially around the house. Enter a router table. Slide that piece of wood down the fence and watch the material come right off. Need to shape the wood? No problem. Let the router table work with you. Let’s look at other ways a router table is useful.

There are many uses for a router table. They include: working with large bits, working with thin or small wood, making identical cuts, making stopped cuts, to name a few. Thus, the benefits to using a woodworking router table are clear. Let’s glance at a few.

  1. Large Bits

When working with a large bit or cutter, it can be tricky. If you are not careful with a hand router you will ruin the cut. A table takes care of that by guiding the material in a steady fashion. This gives you more control.

  1. Thin Woods

Working with smaller, thinner woods can be even trickier. A hand router is near-impossible due to the space restraints. Trying to cut a thin piece of wood is a pain. Chances are you will make a bad cut and destroy the piece. A router table prevents this by offering a base on which to work on.

  1. Identical Cuts

If you are working on a project that requires many repetitive cuts, a table router can save you time, energy, and work. Once you set the table up with your jigs, you are good to go. There should be no need to make adjustments. With a hand router or saw, this would be difficult.

  1. Stopped Cuts

A stopped cut is a cut that goes only so far into a piece of wood. These can be done for a variety of reasons. A router table offloads the effort of having to do the cuts by hand. With the right pressure and stops you will have no trouble making stopped cuts.

  1. Provides Precision

Actually, the biggest benefit of using a router table is that they are precise. We mean really precise. Because you will work on a table, the wood will slide nicely into the blade or bit. This provides clean cuttings. Working with a hand router is fine for the small jobs, but for anything else, a table router will be more accurate. In fact, it’s better for big and small jobs.

  1. Saves Time

Sometimes we do not have much time to work on a project. If you are doing home improvement, life often interrupts. Construction sites see delays, interruptions, and more. You need your tools to work with you – not against you.

A router table saves time because it tackles tough jobs that would otherwise be impossible or a total time sink. That includes the intricate cuts of door panels, chair legs, and more. For multiple cuts, routing tables save the most time. This is because you will not have to keep making small adjustments. The machine will be set and ready to receive your wood.

  1. Saves Materials

When you save time, you also save money. For many of us, time is money. A carpenter cannot afford to spend time trying to get a tool to work. They need it to just work.

Good router tables just work. We found that we spent less money on wood and materials by using a table router because less errors were made overall. Once you learn to use the tool efficiently, your skills will increase. Less mistakes equals more money saved.

mounting a router with a table
  1. Opens Doors

Woodworking router tables open doors. This is not just true for door makers, either. Perhaps you only have a wood router. Maybe you have nothing of the sort. Regardless, a router table makes the tough cuts easier. The stability offered will improve your routing. Router tables do not just cut. They shave, smooth, and shape wood. You can make decorative moulding, cut dovetails, remove layers, and more. The possibilities are almost endless.

Before buying anything you need to be sure that it is beneficial. A great router table will provide many benefits, open up possibilities, and become a trusted friend. Whether you are a professional carpenter, a construction worker, a home improvement hobbyist, or a beginner, a router table will do you wonders. Put in the time to learn your goals. Learn your needs. Go with what will work for you and check here the best wood routers on the market list.

Bottom Line

Together we’ve looked at some of the best router table options available on the market. By now you’ve learned what makes up a great router table and how they can change your workflow. The benefits of including one in your tool collection are immense: maximized cutting control, more stability than a hand router alone, less wasted wood, and flexible use cases. Dozens of options of router tables can make finding a new one an exhausting effort. Fear not, though. We have done the homework for you. We hope that our extensive router table reviews help in making those tough decisions. Remember to check this guide if you get stumped!

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